Rankin and Mingle Dentistry dentist in Aurora Colorado Dr. Jennifer Rankin DDS Dr. Michael Mingle DDS
Rankin and Mingle Dentistry dentist in Aurora Colorado Dr. Jennifer Rankin DDS Dr. Michael Mingle DDS

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Despite your best efforts, teeth sometimes must be removed to protect your health. When we’ve discussed all other possibilities and you’ve decided on tooth extraction in Aurora, CO, we’ll take every step to help you. 

Your well-being always takes priority in any treatment decision. We take every measure to ensure even minor surgical procedures are as comfortable as possible. At Rankin and Mingle Dentistry, your smile is our top priority, and we’re dedicated to providing you with a smooth and stress-free tooth extraction experience steeped in the highest standards of care.


This procedure, while common, involves a series of precise steps meticulously carried out by our team. We perform a thorough examination, complemented by state-of-the-art imaging techniques, to determine the condition of the tooth and surrounding tissues. Once anesthesia settles in, Dr. Rankin and Dr. Mingle use specialized instruments to elevate the tooth out of place, ensuring minimal impact on neighboring teeth and gum tissue. Each motion is calculated and deliberate, reflecting our commitment to your dental health and personal ease. 


Tooth extraction aftercare is crucial in ensuring a swift and uncomplicated recovery. Proper aftercare is not just a recommendation; it’s a mandate for health. 

You will receive specific post-op instructions to help you care for the area after your procedure, with prescriptions for any medications needed during the healing period. 

Follow our aftercare instructions to help prevent infection, promote healing, and accelerate your return to normalcy. Take it easy for a few days, elevate the head while sleeping, and apply cold packs as prescribed. 


Although tooth extraction is often perceived with a degree of apprehension, it carries remarkable benefits that ensure long-term oral health and functionality. This straightforward procedure can be the gateway to relief for patients who have suffered from persistent dental pain, overcrowding, or the risk of infection from an irreparable tooth. 

Opting for tooth extraction can also pave the way for orthodontic treatments that require additional space within the mouth, ultimately leading to an improved bite, easier cleaning, and a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement of teeth. Furthermore, extraction becomes indispensable when wisdom teeth pose a threat by being impacted or causing structural issues. Tooth extraction can help eliminate decay and disease and improve overall well-being.


While our immediate concern is the short-term management of your care, we will also discuss your long-term plans for replacing missing teeth. Leaving a space is always an option, but spaces in your smile can create appearance and functional challenges that are important to consider. Teeth slowly shift or migrate into open spaces, and minimizing the effects of an unbalanced bite can prevent issues later in life.

Dental Implants

Dental implants in Aurora, Colorado, are one restorative dentistry option to restore your smile to its former glory. Meticulously engineered to mimic the strength and appearance of natural teeth, dental implants offer a durable and esthetically pleasing solution. The procedure, performed with precision and care by our dental professionals, revitalizes one’s aesthetic appeal and prevents the long-term complications associated with missing teeth. 

With their ability to integrate seamlessly into the jawbone, dental implants are a testament to the incredible strides made in restorative dentistry. They offer patients a chance to regain their confidence and the full function of their bite.


These custom-fitted oral appliances testify to modern dentistry’s capability to restore a complete smile and functional bite. Fabricated with precision, today’s dentures combine aesthetic appeal and practicality, developed to seamlessly replace natural teeth while affording comfort and confidence to the wearer. Undergoing tooth extraction may seem daunting, but options such as dentures can help you reclaim your oral health and lifestyle.


Although our primary goal is to help your teeth stay healthy and functional, an extraction is sometimes the best way to preserve the overall health of your mouth. Since teeth help nourish our bodies and support our confidence, we will help you find a game plan that fits your short—and long-term goals.

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